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We provide support to the Clients using Native Cloud. This is the latest Technology Advancements having immense Benefits due to its inherent advantages and benefits over legacy Monolithic applications. Organizations in the past have moved/redesigned its  Architectures from Main Frame legacy to Client/Server, n- tier to SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), and Web services. 
A few inherent features of the Native  Cloud :
  • Breaking legacy/ monolith functions into small programmable microservices which can be called in real-time. The application can scale by writing new microservices.
  • The API's have become fundamental to Native Cloud and integrates multiple microservices and external applications. Also provides a secured API gateway for access to internal and external users.
  • Container architectures have become prevalent for application packaging and provide the unique lightweight architecture for running cloud-native apps managed by Kubernetes.
  • Containers and microservices bring close integration of Design, Development, Testing, and Infrastructure operations and processes for continuous build, test, integrate deploy, and run with DevSecOps (CI/CD).
  • Native Cloud enables quick and easy build, deploy, consume, and run native apps in containers.
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