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Native Clouds  Benefits the entire Enterprise spectrum. A good Business benefit of going cloud native is  that it offers a

Competitive edge to compete against Peers and Born Digital start ups:


Top Line Benefits of Native Cloud  

1. Increasing Capacity to Innovate new Products and services for the Enterprise 

2. Improved TTM Time to Market

3. Enhanced Employee, Developer and Customer Experience .

4. Creation and Leveraging of an Ecosystem to Create Better Products and Services.

5. Increase revenue from digital channels 

Bottom line Benefits of Native 

1. Reduction in  Cost of Delivery.

2. Reduction in Cost of Operations.  

3. Enhanced employee and Developer Productivity.

4. Fueling Global Delivery Model and / Labor arbitrage

Operational Benefits of Native Cloud 

1. It enables Auto Scaling through Micro services

2. It has a High availability and Business Continuity through K8 clusters and Container architecture

3. It ensures High Productivity and Reliability through Dev Sec Ops, SRE and Intelligent automation.

4. Reduces waste through consumption based usage and continues optimization.

5. Enables Serverless /FaaS, Edge Computing

6. Enables Infra as a Code, Software Driven Policies and Information Security Controls

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