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At Focus Group we enable Application Development using Native Cloud Migration 

Benefits of Native Cloud includes 

  • Rapid Innovation

  • Reduction in Cycle time and Time to market and Build/Launch New Products.

  • Brings Agility in the Design thinking and Rapid Prototyping in the Agile Development methodologies and Program/ Project Methodologies 

  • Provide Integration with external systems through API's  thereby allowing Seamless Collaboration leveraging strength of other partners in the Echo system.

  • Increase Rapid infusion of new features and functionality by reducing release cycle from months to days or many times in a day.

  • Enables Scrum teams to work in Sprints leveraging extreme programming, TDD (Test driven development), DDD (Domain Driven Design) and BDD (Behavior driven development) using POD based deliveries.  

  • Enables Serverless / FaaS, IoT, and AI computing in addition to other NextGen technologies like Blockchain and AR/ VR.

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