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Our Story


  • This is all about our Managing Partner  the Founding Partner  and our team at Batra Group.Our teams have been helping to Transform the Digital Landscape for the Corporate Leadership Teams and Provide assistance in Financial management, Product launches and Crisis Management since last 3 decades. This website offers helps to people who are in Crisis Management Mode. Enjoy the music while you work. The Leaders , go for a game of Golf in the Greens. Our mission is to assist the Business Leaders and become a partner in their success story. Our team help the Customers and communities  in reaching their next level and shortening the learning curve. We promoting India Handicrafts, Green  Environment, Senior Citizen homes, Animals and Birds and ensure we have a Good Corporate Governance.             
  • Life is short , enjoy what you have with the people around you who matter live a life of fulfillment and purpose. 
  • Following are some of our team's favorite songs :
  1. Jai Shankar Shambhu
  2. Born to Shine 
  3. Kenny G . 
  4. John Denver
  5. Na kissi ki ankh ka noor hun
  6. CalmDown
  7. Raghu Pati Raghav Raja Ram     
  8. Born in the USA
  9. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan 
  10. In the Morning 
  11. Data Ek Raam
  12. Waka Laka
  13. Ae Mere Watan 
  14. Badshah
  15. Mere Desh Ki Dharti
  16. Laila Main Laila
  17. Arijit Singh
  18. Unstoppable
  19. Murder
  20. Hanuman Chalisa 
  21. Music for Meditation 
  22. AlPha Waves for Chakra Healing 


We want to be the go-to Professional Organization to fill the skill gaps that exist in the minds of the People and let teams get organized to do what they want to do the most and are enthusiastic about.  


  • We are a Team of Committed Professionals who believe in bringing out the best from the Teams that are committed, passionate, and love to deliver results that bring immense value to our customers.

  • We are a Professional Management Consultancy and Services Organization that strongly believes in assisting our Clients by organizing Sessions, Virtual or On-site Training, Seminars,  Marketing Campaigns as well as Program deliveries. Supporting New Product Launches, Special Projects, Campaigns, and Strategic Marketing Campaigns.

  • We offer solutions in 

    • Digital Portal Development solutions

    • Digital Media Creation and Video Recording  

    • Healthcare Support Services

    • Data Management, Artificial Intelligence , Machine Learning , Fraud Prevention and Authentication  

    • Information Security, Cybersecurity & Penetration Testing 

    • Sports Marketing and Campaigns Management 

    • Environment Management Services

    • Quality Assurance & Testing Advisory 

    • Tools Selection and Adoption

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